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Mabey Hire Instrumentation

Coupling almost a century of experience in construction and civil engineering with cutting edge technology, we have recently launched the LIVE Instrumentation team providing a unique combination of structural and environmental monitoring techniques working together with hydraulic control to provide a complete range of solutions for our customers.

The LIVE Instrumentation team offer a comprehensive range of both structural and non-structural monitoring services for applications including; Structural Monitoring, Environmental Monitoring, Hired monitoring solutions, Calibration and Product Testing.

Built alongside our experienced team of Civil, Structural and Hydraulics engineers the newly-formed team focuses on developing and delivering new monitoring and control solutions to market providing focused, accurate and reliable data to engineers through our new in house developed LIVEsite software and web portal.
The LIVE Instrumentation team has a broad skill base which can support clients with efficient monitoring and measurement solutions.

Mabey Hire

Mabey Hire Instrumentation is a division of Mabey Hire.
Mabey Hire is a leading supplier of non mechanical plant hire.

Providing engineered modular and proprietary temporary works equipment for ground support,formwork, falsework, propping, jacking, temporary bridging, roadbarriers and a wide range of other systems,Mabey Hire are proud to have the most varied product portfolio in this UK sector, supported by the most skilled engineering teams.

We hold over half a century of experience in multiple construction sectors and continue to invest and build on this as one of our core values,to routinely exceed the expectations of our clients and to remain at the forefront of the UKs non mechanical plant hire industry.

Working from 16 different locations across the UK Mabey Hire combines full UK coverage with specialised local solutions.

Mabey Hire operates to the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system.

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